The Sock Drawer

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For the remotely working relative, the work-from-home friend, the creative kid, the organized-obsessed, the stylish student, the cool coworker and anyone in between, desk accessories and cute office supplies are as essential as they are adored. And whether it be something super cool that helps them crush their goals or something silly and stylish that helps them showcase their personality while they do it, there’s no wrong answer! Considering how easy to access, exciting to receive gifts for office desks are, you may even want to embrace more than one answer! Combining these funny, functional and fashionable items into a gift basket can be as thoughtful as it is fun, and will only help to fuel your giftee’s hobby or jobby! Which is part of the reason why we love doing it here at Goodly! So if you find yourself falling for the idea but don't have the time or energy to forfeit, take a peek at our professional and playful curated gift boxes that will be perfect for the stationery-struck, deadline-driven or simple sanity lover in your life!

As great as our cute desk accessories and office supplies are as gifts, as you scroll you’ll undoubtedly start to think about YOUR home office space and desk setup… So we have to ask: Have you been setting yourself and your office desk up for success? It’s easy sometimes to lose sight of yourself, but it can be equally easy and even more enjoyable to embrace your own growth and encourage inspiration. All it takes to create this type of atmosphere is the right organization, gadgets and accessories, so grant yourself a break and give it a try!