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Funny Gifts

Let’s face it — a little self-deprecation can be hilarious and healthy, and a little friendly ribbing has never been anything but funny. It can even be a certain amount of flattering if done right! So spark some smiles and light up the laughs with our LOL-inspired funny gifts and goodies! For the outrageously funny friend, the stylish friend who’s subtly hilarious or the lover in your life, these perfect gifts make it easy to achieve a balance between funny, personal and thoughtful and are sure to be significant to the person on your shopping list — whether it’s the lover in your life or for a white elephant party! As for YOUR hilarious hobbies, habits and behaviors? These funny gift boxes are sure to make a special impact on the people around you and make them laugh out loud while they simultaneously show off your personality and style in a very serious way! 

Because our gag gifts and funny items can include anything from keychains to kitchen towels, there’s a good chance that you’ll find an item you were looking for already — but in a far more fun variation! And if you’ve found yourself scrolling here because you got sucked in with no intent? You’re sure as heck going to leave with one as you’re stuck thinking about these items, wanting them and laughing about them long after this! Luckily, a lot of these cute funny gifts are small, subtle and super affordable — so go ahead and do it for the LOLs! We love a good laugh here at Goodly, so make sure to explore all of our giggle-inducing gift ideas and goodies, from pleasurable puzzles to playful pens and pencils to set the smiles in stone!