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Curated Gift Boxes

Ready To Ship - Premade Themed Gift Boxes

Here at Goodly, we’re big-time believers in surprise gift boxes! Themed gift baskets will always be amazing and enticing — if you know how to pick your items perfectly and pay attention to your presentation! Because any good gift box worth its weight in goodies needs a theme, this is exactly where we start every one. From here, we find the best feature items by catering to the theme and the giftee, and by embracing an assortment of complementary colors, textures and sizes that are going to make these items stand out in sentimental significance as much as they stand out in aesthetic appeal! Filler items can be fairly straightforward when you're making a unique gift box yourself, but we prefer to find the perfect pieces that support the theme as much as they excite your giftee to see!

Curated Care Packages

Our Goodly care packages are a great go-to when you’re out of gift ideas, and are a serious time and stress saver when you're on a tight schedule. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday gift or just for a quick surprise gift, we’ve got you covered. Aside from this, these gift boxes can be a great place to spark your inspiration and enthusiasm — and maybe even embrace that enthusiasm, indulge a little and spoil yourself! After all, we pick the perfect items, prepare these items, pack and stuff the best possible gift boxes and beautify their presentation. Or in other words, we do all the work! 

Corporate & Employee Gift Boxes

On that note… We know what hard work is like and we know what a little recognition can do for our well-being! Because of this, we also cater a lot of our stylish and funny socks, desk goodies and other curated gift boxes toward corporate gifting — so go ahead and spoil your employees without having to hire one more just to take on the task!

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