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A variety of products from Goodly


A twentysomething woman, with an entrepreneurial spirit, starts a tiny novelty sock boutique, sort of on a whim. It thrives. She takes it online. It thrives WAY MORE. And now it’s not just socks. It’s more like funny, unique gifts of all kinds.

Tale as old as time, right?

Well it’s the tale of Goodly, and of founder Brooke English, of course. Back in 2007, Brooke opened a small sock store in her hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. You may have heard of it: The Sock Drawer. And as much as Brooke and her cadre of sock fairies adored that drawer, we’ve outgrown it. Enter the era of Goodly!

The Sock Drawer logo becoming the Goodly logo

In March 2022, The Sock Drawer morphed into Goodly, a broader brand with very similar vibes to our roots. It’s just that these days, we sell way more than funny socks! (Don’t worry — we still have those!) Bidding farewell to the old Sock Drawer name allows us to offer our beloved customers more variety. 

These days, you’ll find everything from stationery and snacks to must-have home goods and wow-worthy gift boxes. The common thread? It’s that colorful, joyful vibe our longtime customers know and love.

Variety of gift boxes from Goodly


Speaking of wow-worthy gift boxes, that’s one of our specialties. After our so many years sending impeccable packages worldwide, we’ve developed quite a knack for the logistics behind gift fulfillment. Whether you want to send a birthday gift to a loved one on the other side of town or hundreds of corporate boxes to your company’s staff across multiple locations, we can do it. And we make it look good.


The Goodly staff at the warehouse


Still based in San Luis Obispo and employing more than a dozen full-time team members and many more seasonal workers, Goodly gives back to local and international organizations supporting women, children, animals and the environment and creates a positive, supportive atmosphere for employees. Read more here.


   Better Business Bureau accreditation badge


We’re also members of the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau, and we have been named as an official Great Place to Work!


our original shop

Now closed, our downtown San Luis Obispo boutique was where the magic all started. The tiny space was often packed with local regulars and out-of-towners looking for gifts and mementos, and the store buzzed with the warmth and familiarity of a friend’s home. 


The original Sock Drawer shop


As has been the case since we opened our online branch in 2011, we aim to bring the same feelings of warmth, community and connection here to We offer curbside pickup from our warehouse, and we still feel very much a part of the bustling, supportive SLO business scene. And SLOcals, don’t worry — our iconic leg lamp is still glowing brightly at our warehouse!

the story continues

Most of all, our story is about our fun products and the way all you amazing people out there connect with them. We look at each of our customers as part of our family, a quirky group of colorful optimists who spread the spirit of fun gifts into the world. Want to get to know us better? Contact us! We can’t wait to talk. For now, we invite you to come and explore Goodly!


A variety of products and gift boxes from Goodly
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