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Hooray Confetti Fling | White


Personally, we think you should consider stocking up on these fun confetti flings. The gifting uses are absolutely endless! Birthday? Graduation? Promotion? Made it through a tough day? For all of the above, what could be better than a shower of multicolor tissue confetti? This confetti fling is also a perfect addition to any gift basket! And don’t worry, the confetti pieces are actually large, for easy clean up!

 Psst... this product is featured in our Birthday Surprises Gift Box!


  1. Hold the end of the tube firmly in one hand, and extend your arm and the tube straight upward
  2. Bring your forearm back behind you to the 3 o’clock position
  3. Quickly extend your arm upwards -- flicking your wrist at the same time
  4. Confetti!!


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