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Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind Goodly! We are the real folks you talk to on the phone when you call. We’re also the people who put together that fabulous selection of really colorful, funny novelty gifts, make sure you can find them, and package them up to ship out to you. We’re an eclectic bunch of awesome people!

What are the 'bells'?

At Goodly, we believe in celebration and having fun. In spreading joy every day, and everywhere possible! So it makes sense that everyone on our team has their own “bell” that they ring in celebration: of an accomplishment, an event, anything important! The very first bell was an old-fashioned hotel countertop bell, but as you’ll see each one of us chose something quirky and fun for themselves. And when one person rings their bell, everyone else joins in. Because that’s how we roll! You can see each of our bells in our photos below.

Meet our team

Brooke English

Founder & CEO

Three images of The Sock Drawer's CEO & Owner, Brooke English, smiling and making a silly face in front of a bright blue backdrop

Describe your bell.

My bell is kind of like a single wind chime. I really love it because I can create a range from a single soothing tone to my own jam session based on what I'm celebrating.

What's your favorite Goodly item?

It's so hard to choose just one! I love the Sunshine Gift Box, though. So much joy all in one bright gift!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

I would love the ability to teleport to cut down on travel time as I explore the world.


Brianna Mallory

Marketing Director
Brianna Mallory Marketing Director at The Sock Drawer

Describe your bell.

My bell is a yodeling pickle. Yep, it's pretty awkward and hilarious! But it spoke to me. Plus, fried pickles are my favorite food, so it just felt like the right choice.

What's your favorite Goody item?

I just love all of the Ribbed Glass Candles. They're eye-catching, smell great, and are a perfect gift for that person who has everything or a treat for yourself!

Popcorn or M&Ms? 

Funny you should ask, my favorite mixture is popcorn with melted butter and M&Ms!


    Cindy Johnson

    General Manager
    Cindy Johnson General Manager at The Sock Drawer

    Describe your bell.

    My bell is a set of electronic drumsticks with drum beats and cymbal clashes and lights! It's kinda like my personality: a little startling, a little loud, and a lotta glow!

    What's your favorite Goodly item?

    The Carter Everywhere Mug just fits in a two-handed grip with my tea at night, making me feel like I'm having a warm drink around a campfire with good friends. It's just the coziest, most connected feeling when I hold that cup!

    What’s your favorite time of day?

    As the sun is going down and the world is in a clearly focused golden glow.


      Ashley MacKirdy

      Ashley MacKirdy Buyer at The Sock Drawer

      Describe your bell.

      My bell is a shaker. I picked it because it makes noise but isn't super loud ... just like me!

      What's your favorite Goodly item?

      My favorite Goodly items are the rubber band balls. Not only do they come in fun colors, they double as a stress ball. It's the perfect thing to play with during meetings.

      What's your favorite fast food?

      My favorite fast food is french fries. I will eat them anytime, from anywhere.


        Jennifer Wright

        Marketing Strategist & Content Editor 
        Jennifer Wright Content Strategist & Editor at The Sock Drawer

        Describe your bell.

        My bell is a kazoo. I thought it would be fun to have a noisemaker that could sound different every time I bust it out, from fanfare to birthday songs to whatever is stuck in my head!

        What's your favorite Goodly item?

        Definitely the Draw and Be Happy Book, because I love a little playful inspiration. And my cats' favorite product is the Frisky Furball Toy, for pretty much the same reason.

        Popcorn or M&Ms?

        Popcorn. I’m pretty sure it’s the law that everyone from Indiana must love popcorn, and I definitely do.


          Jessica Tringali

          Creative Strategist & Graphic Designer
          Jessica Tringali Graphic Designer at The Sock Drawer

          Describe your bell.

          My bell is my son's very loud toy monster truck. It plays heavy metal guitar riffs and screams, "Fire it up boys!" I chose it because it's obnoxious and I didn't want it in my house!

          What's your favorite Goodly item?

          I love the Unbreakable Silicon Tumblers. My favorite color is green and I've already purchased 4 sets! They are light and portable and beautiful to drink from. What's not to love?

          Popcorn or M&Ms?



            Katie Rabbit

            E-Commerce & Customer Care Specialist
            Katie Rabbit at The Sock Drawer

            Describe your bell.

            My bell is a miniature gong. Gongs are used for sound therapy, and I love the idea of how sound vibrations can affect the body in a positive way.

            What type of socks are your faves?

            I love anything to do with rabbits, so socks with bunnies make me hoppy.

            What’s your favorite time of day?

            Evening, when I am often hiking the hills of San Luis Obispo, and the sunsets are offering the most colorful skyscapes.


              Josette Olivera-Sanson

              Executive Assistant & Client Account Specialist 
              Josette Olivera-Sanson Marketing Associate at The Sock Drawer

              Describe your bell.

              My bell is my little silver dome of joy. Everytime I'm full of glee with a work win, I want to just slam ding that thing!

              What's your favorite Goodly item?

              The Recreational Bears Multi Puzzle was great for some family bonding puzzle fun. It was a challenge - with all the different-sized pieces, we needed everyone's help to finish! 

              If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

              To be able to talk to/communicate with animals ... like an animal whisperer? But telepathically.

              Kathy Drazsnzak

              Copywriter & Buying Assistant


              Describe your bell.

              My bell is a cowbell. I’m a huge cycling fan and that’s what people ring to cheer on Tour de France riders. Somehow it’s louder than I expected it would be ...

              What's your favorite Goodly item?

              I love playing Sudoku, and now I'm hooked on the Sudoku With Some Balls game set. Playing this game in 3-D is super fun!

              What’s your favorite time of day?

              Sunrise. Everything is quiet and everyone else is still asleep. It’s my ME time!



                E-Commerce Specialist & Content Creator
                Lindsay SEO & E-Commerce Specialist at The Sock Drawer

                Describe your bell.

                My bell is a mini wacky wavy inflatable man. I named him Henry and he cracks me up!

                What's your favorite Goodly item?

                The Rainbow Stress Ball! Not only is it perfect for giving your hands a rest from working all day or fun to fidget with during meetings, but it's a colorful desk decoration as well.

                What's your favorite time of day?

                My favorite time of day is dinner time! I enjoy a good meal (huge portions please!) at the end of a long day with a big glass of wine.


                  Operations Manager

                   Jay, operations manager

                  Describe your bell.

                  My bell is a little bluebird with a makeshift foot fashioned from a twig. This was a gift from Cindy because she knew I would love it -- imperfections and all -- and give it a new purpose in life!

                  What's your favorite Goodly item?

                  My Goodly fave is the Then & Now Keychain. I've gone through a lot in the past year, and this keychain is a colorful reminder to be proud of how strong I am and how far I've come.

                  If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

                  If I could have one superpower, it would be time travel! I could study prehistoric creatures and give myself good life advice... Maybe some advice on stocks too!

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